AIArtificial Intelligenceis a block-chain applied platform focusing on social artificial intelligence.

AI will put through the chains on the assets in application of different society whatever the asset comes from individual, enterprise or alliance body based on the research and development mechanism and let these assets realize free flow in the block-chain.

AI adopts distributed and global office mode and has the community office around the globe. AI builds up recycling economic ecology of inclusive AI based on the principle of reduce,reuse and recycle of recycling economy. AI generates Token through POS mechanism and realizes the common parallel of multiple sub-chain function through AI chain, it tends to have a main chain and its goal of service is relatively single. AI uses the data in many paralleled industry to make data be used repeatedly.

Artificial Intelligence is abbreviated as AI. AI provides the basic service for force ecology while deriving multiple scenes application sub-chain token. The sub-chain token will obtain a certain proportion of power output as the benefit of community contribution. The user with AI ecological sub-chain token still can further obtain the various potential benefits including charges of AI ecology with the development of AI sub-chain token force ecology. AI will provide strong application guarantee for the whole organization web-based on the programmable settlement system of block-chain.  

Company creative positioning

The applied scene of AI

The digital identity and credit, supply chain, decentralized finance DEFI, cross-border supply, medical field, Internet of Thing, application and edge computing of router, educational industry, and mobile communication.

AI puts forward a kind of multiple polymorphism of main chain-sub-chain system for value routing from first mobile intelligence of AI derived sub-chain Mobility Smart. Facing the application of global mobile and intelligent device, we will build up the common value and applied scene of AI multiple ecology and Mobility Smart for the future.


Artificial intelligence is the technology among the mobile applied program. People saw in 2020 that the machine is becoming more and more smart and its action and mode of interpretation are becoming more and more like human.

Mobility Smart can easily assign the task more easily and enhance the efficiency of the whole system through the quick decision characteristics of block-chain.The individual will obtain the mobility through the the artificial intelligence of mobile applied program except for the effective practice. The modern applied program will provide the interpretation of the business procedure and strengthen the strategy of business so as to make the business develop towards the growth.